The Power of the “Nudge”

Making the right small changes can have big effects, from changing the focus of modern healthcare to reorienting an entire cultural approach.

Where there are big gains to be made, it’s worth paying attention to which nudges you make in order to make the right changes for a sustainable society.

Politicians of all parties have known about it for a long time:

Listen to: BBC 4 – The “Nudge” to Good Behaviour

Listen to: BBC 4 – Nudge Theory in Practice

Listen to: BBC 4 – The Power of Nudge

With this in mind, AnalyticaStream is a data analytics platform that highlights otherwise hidden patterns in data, including healthcare and sustainability-related data, for new operational models to be implemented.

Making healthcare proactive, using AnalyticaStream, is a nudge that will have a big positive effect for every individual citizen.

Working towards efficient carbon negativity, using AnalyticaStream for big data analytics and system modelling, is a nudge to the system that, if implemented by governments and companies, will limit climate change and keep us safer.

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