Third Sector Consultancy

Cruarch Associates: Demonstrator work with TSOs (Third Sector Organisations).

Cruarch Associates successful engagement strategy with a TSO (Third Sector Organisation) resulted in the consolidation of the TSO IT infrastructure and delivered an IT Strategy that added value, affordability and resilience for the organisation.

One of our recent successful engagements with a TSO involved the delivery of a robust IT strategy and consolidation of their IT infrastructure whilst ensuring the business remained commercially compliant with all regulations. We worked across 5 locations with a workforce of over 100 with the objective to obtain a holistic environmental perspective, encompassing stakeholders’ views.

Within the overall stakeholder environment, both internal and external, Cruarch Associates created an agreed understanding of the client organisation and the key roles within it, the essential IT tools required to perform business operations, and the identification of suitable technology and processes to compliment the TSO’s current and future transformational activities.

In addition, Cruarch:

• Provided a ‘health-check’ regarding the TSO’s policies and documentation, strategy and hardware/software.

• Explored what data assets existed, where they were, and how they could be best utilised.

• Captured and drove discussions to determine future plans and aspirations.

• Highlighted which IT and business processes were working satisfactorily and tracked current issues and constraints

• Recommended changes to those processes which were identified as not working in order to provide more efficient workable end to end processes.

The outputs of this project included:

• A Data Asset Register, including an inventory of all software and hardware. This provided an ‘As-Is’ view of what technology assets the TSO had, tracked what licenses were available and when they were due to expire, enabling the appropriate action to be taken to terminate, renew or upgrade in good time.

• A census of various roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation, providing a gap analysis of what technology requirements exists, what was missing and additional options for consideration.

• A final report was provided to support a capital expenditure initiative to ensure that systems and processes were brought up to an acceptable standard and complied with audit requirements and technical specifications.

• Recommendations made, in line with procurement policy requirements, that all procurements be based on best value for money following the discovery that a number of the IT supplier contracts had lapsed which raised concerns from a regulatory and cost perspective.

Cruarch Associates work with this TSO resulted in the development and delivery of a robust IT Strategy, which made provision for all facets of technology management. This included cost management, human capital management, hardware/software management, vendor management, risk management and all other considerations in the enterprise IT environment. It was imperative that we developed this as a long-term action plan with measurable links to the overall business strategy that also combined tactics and logistics.


Cruarch Associates highlighted that the key roles of a Supplier Contracts Manager and dedicated IT resources needed to be implemented within the organisation for governance, management of suppliers and any IT issues. Cruarch Associates also provided advice and guidance on physical and IT security and delivered a number of business improvements across the organisation. We provided expertise on tender processes and procedures, delivered a cost breakdown in order to bring the IT systems up to standard, as well as a forward view on expenditure on business improvements in the medium and long-term.


Cruarch Associates work to support our clients by cutting through complexity to deliver results. We plan, design and deliver solutions that result in real value and our expert team can manage all elements of organisational and ICT enabled business change.


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