Smart Cities and Cruarch Associates Limited


Smart Cities – Cruarch Associates Limited

Public authorities and organisations are increasingly coming under pressure to provide smart sustainable solutions for growing cities that build upon diverse technologies and operational models.

The solutions can range from improving the efficiency of citizen movement around the city and enabling low carbon economies, to looking after the well-being of its population. Cruarch Associates provides the complete range of professional services to understand your urban environment, uncover relevant patterns in your data, update your strategies and implement tactical solutions.  We can utilise powerful big-data analytics solutions, such as AnalyticaStream™, within the complete management cycle from concept and business case through to implementation and benefits realisation. To learn more about AnalyticaStream™ click here.


Who are Cruarch Associates Limited?

Cruarch are a company within a ‘tribe’ of operating divisions that have developed professional services and co-created an innovative and unique data analytics and visualisation simulation platform, AnalyticaStreamTM, specifically for diverse Smart City projects. Our data analytics make visible that which was previously invisible.

Working across numerous sectors including health and social welfare, transport, energy and agriculture, we digest complex big-data to transform, interpret and unlock information to reveal rich insights and trends.

Our technical solutions are standards-compliant for sensor and app deployment including data-generation and integration to reveal real-time insights through our use of innovative predictive modelling, simulation and visualisation tools.


Who should use our services?

Our sustainability experts are professionals specifically deployed to allow Public Sector authorities and commercial support organisations to meet current operational challenges and pressures by harnessing the real-time interpretation of data. We ensure the design of solutions are co-created with you to ensure you can use smart city data to anticipate and enable solutions to those same real-world operational challenges.


What are the benefits of using our services?

Our smart city solutions provide valuable intelligent insights into complex data and urban requirements; enabling service efficiency, creation of significant cost savings and stimulation of measurable benefits for citizens and communities.

Whether your requirement is to simply improve smart city business intelligence or to address complex sustainability issues in services such as health & wellbeing, energy, environment, housing, transport or education, let us enable you to simplify the issues and realise the smart city of the future, today.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.