Change Transformation


Every organisation, be they public, private or not-for-profit, is exposed to the potentially devastating impact of unexpected events or risks and the associated financial losses. Risk can manifest itself in all aspects of a business, driven by a dynamic array of factors both internal and external to the organisation. The extent to which an organisation is exposed to these factors will determine its Risk Profile. Whilst risk is an unavoidable feature of doing business and cannot be avoided entirely, understanding what is crucial to the success of your business, evaluating the most significant risks and the extent of your exposure to these risks will help to identify the control measures that can be adopted to mitigate their potential impact. Management of Risk is an essential component of good business practice and in this climate of ever tightening margins, can mean the difference between overall success and failure. As an experienced Operational Risk Consultants, we can help you develop the tools to identify, measure, monitor and manage risk effectively, giving you, your management team and your stakeholders real assurance that you are well equipped to deal with whatever challenges lie ahead.

Business Transformation

Business process mapping activities define what your business does, who is responsible for steps within your business, to what standard a process should be completed and how the success of a business process can be determined. Understanding how your business delivers services and products is essential before you can move on to identifying risks, tackling cost control, and improving efficiency. Business process mapping can be carried out when you are designing or redesigning the way services are delivered, or when you want to improve efficiency, or to help with the development of training manuals, or to share information for organisations contemplating mergers or shared services.


These are techniques that can be used to help you analyse the business systems you are working with, and help you develop a risk management approach to those systems, and to help improve business process to make them leaner and more efficient. Find out more about Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics, and how these may help you analyse risk and plan for it.